Breaking into the Room: The Undead

Our West Melbourne location is home to The Undead, one of the three games in our Spooky Savings Package for the Halloween season this year. Along with our newest games, The Experiment, and Blood Shed, it’s a package you don’t want to pass up if this time of year gets you all warm and bloody…or fuzzy…

Whether you love all things creepy or just love escape games with a good challenge and a bit of excitement, The Undead is a great choice. It’s perfect for year around events, entertainment with friends and family, and is one of the best team building rooms in the industry bar none…Just make sure you’re okay with splitting your team up, and being a little more active than in some of our other rooms…and by ‘active’ we mean crawl, don’t run! Do we need to mention there are zombies by the way?!…NOT while you’re playing, and we don’t have live actors, but there may or may not be dead ones, ‘animatronically’ speaking that is!

The ‘Spooktacular’ Backstory:

The worldwide death toll is on the rise as people around the globe begin having reactions to an unknown source. Physical abnormalities begin to present including red irritated skin, reddening of the eyes, and uncontrollable aggression. The apocalypse has begun! Panic takes over as cities fall apart and those untouched by the changes search for a safe place to hide. You and your group have managed to hide out in the woods for several weeks, barely surviving, but you’re running out of supplies and getting desperate. You stumble upon a soldier who leads you to an old army bunker, promising safety and supplies, but there’s more to this story and you can sense it. Hearing the sounds of the ‘undead’ inching closer you have no choice but to take immediate refuge inside where you will soon find there’s work to be done! You must find a way through this secret shelter and uncover the answers to just what the cause of this mutation is and how to cure it so mankind can be saved. How long will your shelter hold up against the zombie’s relentless attack though?! If you’re successful, it will be just long enough to escape your doom AND find the cure for the outside world! 

Bringing ‘The Undead’ to Life:  Little Known Facts  About the Beginning

  • It began as a need to fill a big empty space and was fueled by an ever-popular request for a zombie themed escape game but ended up becoming so much more. With the popularity of a certain well-known show at the time, and a large market of customers with a love for the spookier side of things, a zombie apocalypse was brought to life, making The Undead one of our West. Melbourne location’s greatest accomplishments and biggest game undertakings to date.
  • The fourth escape game to open in Melbourne came about after countless hours of brainstorming and work. With a gigantic space at our location being used for storage alone, we knew a decision had to be made fast as to how we would best utilize the space, both for our customers and the business. What about a huge party room!? We could have birthday party packages and offer a meeting space for our corporate customers who want a team building activity before or after their company’s training. We could even do gender reveal, or bachelor/ bachelorette parties packaged with their favorite escape theme! Then again, we could do a great multi-room game with such a large space to work with. Decisions, decisions….Of course the game won out in the end, and thanks to input from our wonderful customers, the zombie invasion truly started taking over!
  • Our Wickham Rd. location opened with three games in September of 2015, being the first escape room company in Brevard County, but The Undead didn’t make its debut until April of 2016! It was quite the event when the day finally arrived, easily surpassing the festivities of the business’ opening day. The celebration of the long-awaited opening included music, zombie face painting, food (and by food we mean even gourmet cupcakes), drinks, a zombie flash mob in the parking lot, dancing to ‘Thriller’, and a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the mayor, two Chambers of Commerce, friends and many loyal customers. And so it began!…
  • Writing and building a game that really works is a challenge itself, but writing an escape game where players are separated, and making it all come together is a new breed entirely. We decided to put a lot of twists on things in the beginning…It’s go big or go home right?!…Well, we would all want to go home by the end of it, IF not for the excitement surrounding this game! There are so many pieces that have to come together ‘just so’ to make it work for the players…and in the control room?…Whoa! In the beginning the game station for The Undead looked like you were going to have to learn to fly an aircraft! Twelve cameras monitored both groups throughout the game and you heard them all together in your headset! Blend that with a dim room and you found yourself wanting to zero in on people’s mouths to see who said what. It really was like being a coach, a mediator, and running two games at the same time! Oh! And let’s not forget the added twist! We opened with The Undead being a 75-minute escape game! *This is where we insert a fun fact about the last game of the night ‘starting’ around 12:25am! This is also where we share the reason for the wanting to go home! Yes, we were leaving around 2am or later. We did end up changing the game to a regular 60-minute experience, but it was mainly due to the almost nonexistent escape rate. No one was getting out. Between the extra communication challenge which raised the difficulty rating significantly, and the added number of tricks, it was just a little much at the time. After removing a few tricks and changing the time limit we’ve finally balanced out to about a 20% escape rate! And so it remains to this day!

In closing…

From those who contributed to its creation, to the players who’ve taken on the challenge, to the staff who’ve run this game, splitting their attention in two for so many exciting experiences, The Undead has been and remains quite the journey. It definitely didn’t come to life overnight, or without a major team effort, but what we ended up with was a game that not only filled a desire for a common theme request at the time, but a game that truly hit the nail on the head for what a good escape game is at its foundation. The Undead is not an experience where you can simply put your mind to work, but a game that necessitates communication and teamwork with the other players for your success. You literally CAN’T escape on your efforts/wits alone, because you’re separated into two groups, with each side lacking necessary items/information needing to progress. You are one team, physically divided, learning to work as one mind. You start the game in separate bunkers and must maneuver past a series of divisive challenges by properly communicating information or passing needed items to your teammates in order to accomplish tasks, all while an impending invasion of your hidden bunker looms over you. As the zombies hiss and growl away in the background, you must focus on your teammates’ communication and your surroundings to escape the undead apocalypse!!!