A Look Back on 2019

2019 was a good year for 321 Escape Rooms and Escape Room Entertainment!   It was our first full year of ownership all of 3 locations, and we enjoyed the challenges and excitement that the year held for us.

We have excellent managers and game masters at all of our locations, and we enjoy the family we are building here at our escape rooms.  We have a fun environment for our employees who love escape rooms just as much as our customers do!  They enjoy helping our customers navigate their way through our rooms and helping them escape.

We have seen the closure of a few rooms, Miss Ellie’s Sweet Shoppe, Christmas Treason, Websurfer, and Time Riders, are all now gone forever.   They were great rooms that a lot of our customers enjoyed playing one last time.  In their place, we were able to create and implement 4 new exciting rooms for our fans.  It was a very busy year with all of the design, build out, and creation that went into the 4 rooms.

We were happy to bring you Mafia Takedown early in the year at our West Melbourne location.  This game of trying to stop a hit before it takes place – has won many people’s vote as their favorite game.   They love the intrigue and the mystery surrounding this game.

Then we brought you “The Experiment,” to replace the formerly mobile game, “Time Riders,” as a permanent game at 321 Escape.  The idea for this game was born from the idea of a trailer, like the one the game is housed in, as being the lab for a mad scientist experimenting on the human population.  Fans all agree that the game is fun and challenging, and offers a different style of game than all of our more family friendly games at the 321 Escape Rooms location!

After we closed “Christmas Treason,” at our Downtown location – we brought you a serial killer’s shed, just in time for Halloween.  This game was a fun design and our designers had little to no trouble coming up with scenarios to make you uncomfortable and a little freaked out as you try to escape before the serial killer returns to make you his next victims.

Downtown also made way for our newest Holiday Challenge – “Christmas Blackout” with the closure of “Web Surfer.”  Christmas Blackout is a fun family friendly game that opened in November to help our customers get in the Christmas Spirit.  But Christmas spirit doesn’t stop on December 25th, so you will have plenty of time to come in and play this game before it closes down.

We hope you have tried some or all of our new games in 2019. Don’t forget you can book them now and play over Christmas Break during our extended holiday hours!  We look forward to seeing you again in 2020 and offering you new rooms and challenges!