Breaking Into The Room: Christmas Blackout

Christmas Blackout is our newest addition to our line up of rooms.  Christmas Blackout launched in Mid-November at our Escape Room Entertainment – Downtown location.  

Designing Christmas rooms is always a fun challenge for us.  We love the idea of having a fun family outing our customers can enjoy during the holiday season. We know that life gets busy and that stealing away for an hour with friends or family to put everything aside to just play a game together, is a joy at anytime, but especially around the holidays.

Christmas Blackout was a fairly simple theme to come up with – due to a storm up North, Santa’s Workshop has lost power.  In order for Christmas to still happen, you and your team of linemen, need to restore power to the Workshop within one hour. This will help the elves finish production on time to load Santa’s sleigh and send him on his way to all the children of the world.

This room is jammed packed full of fun for the entire family and does well with large groups.  If you are a smaller group doing the room – be prepared for the challenge of completing all of the tasks to succeed.  The room capacity is 10 people – so we highly recommend inviting many friends and family to complete this room with you.

The theme and puzzles are all kid friendly, and this room is definitely suitable for younger escape room enthusiasts.  As always, we strive to keep our puzzles in alignment with our theme and without repeating puzzles from last year’s Christmas Treason, we’ve been able to create fun and challenging Christmas themed tasks for you to enjoy.

Our team enjoyed the challenge of creating a fun room for our guests to enjoy this holiday.  We hope you will come out soon and enjoy playing.

Merry Christmas!