Breaking Into The Room: Escape In Space

Escape in Space was the third room added to the line up at 321 Escape Rooms.  It opened in July of 2017 and has been a test of mind and body for all our escape artists since.  This room boast the hardest escape rate of all of the room at 321 Escape Rooms, but is still a crowd-pleaser!

Escape in Space is one of the few local rooms that has a capacity for 10 players.  This makes the room a popular choice, as larger groups and families are all able to play together.  Throughout your game of play – you will find lots of neat props to distract – er, I mean entertain – you.  We often find our customers enjoy putting on the space suits and helmets throughout the game!  Fun fact: two of our owners attended a week of Space Camp and one of the jump suits is from that week of camp!

Of course, like “Hijacked At Sea!” Escape in Space, got it’s start as a nod to the local community.  No other escape room locations had space rooms at the time and with Kennedy Space Center and NASA in our own backyard, we felt it was a fitting and fun theme to engage our customers.  Designing the set for this room was definitely a challenge.  The rounded walls were inspired by an escape room that our owners Tami and Terry did one day out in California.  They knew rounded walls would make you feel as if you were inside of space craft.  Tami really enjoyed hunting for a locating items for the rooms.  Visiting various stores, scouring Craiglist, and even hitting up local garage sales turns up a lot in the way of inspiration and red herrings for our rooms, since they are all custom built.  One fun thing about designing custom escape rooms – is sometimes you find an item and know you HAVE to have it for your room, but don’t know what you will use it for. You then are able to build a puzzle around that object.

Tami loves the team feeling of building rooms.  While we often assign a lead designer who is in charge of the room but often a team effort goes into the build out and puzzle design.  The plan rarely stays the same throughout and as we rework ideas and puzzles the room evolves and grow.

As for her favorite tricks in the room there are two.  Tami enjoys one of the tricks because of the unexpected twist it brings to the room. She enjoys watching people trigger the puzzle and realize that it was more than they thought.  She also enjoys one of the harder tricks of the room because so many people enjoy the challenge of getting that trick just right.  It isn’t always easy, and they feel very accomplished when they get it figured out.

As one of our original rooms, Escape in Space, will always have a special place in our line up.  We love the blend of tricks, puzzles, and hunting that goes on in the room. So what are you waiting for?  Grab your space crew and head to 321 Escape Rooms and see if you can Escape in Space!