Breaking into the Room: Hijacked At Sea!

With the purchase of Escape Room Entertainment this summer, we added to the number of rooms we could provide for our customers.  Since then we have started the process of updating and changing rooms.  We thought it would be helpful to feature a room every so often, so our customers can get to know a little more about the different rooms offered at all three locations.

As the lead designer on one of our original rooms – Hijacked At Sea, it seemed like a good place to get started.

In our initial plans for 321 Escape Rooms, we wanted to think about where we were located and capitalize on what makes the Space Coast special.  The area code (321) quickly came to mind as inspiration for our name as a play on being the area code as well as a clock counting down as you try to escape.  With our 3-2-1 Escape Rooms name, we then turned to the surrounding area for inspiration for our rooms.

Both Escape in Space and Hijacked At Sea, draw from being part of the Space Coast.  With Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral nearby, we were inspired to bring our customers rooms that embraced the history of our location.

As we thought of a cruise themed room – we brainstormed and ran through a number of scenarios and story lines that could possibly take place on a ship.  Should we do a virus outbreak and a race to distribute an antidote or contain the outbreak?  Maybe in a “Titanic” fashion, a disabled ship about to sink.  As we narrowed it down, a harrowing rescue of a ship charted for disaster seemed like an intense and challenging backdrop for our players to play on.

We drew inspiration from nautical themes, and tried to keep the sea, geography, boating, etc. in mind as we designed the room.  We wanted the room to feel as if it could take place on a cruise ship – although it may not be the most luxurious cruise line.

This room is our “Medium Difficulty” room at a 34% escape rate.  The Heist, is slightly easier at a 39% escape rate, while Escape In Space has a 29% escape rate.   This room is probably a good place for someone who has played at least a room or two to start at our 321 Escape Room’s location in Palm Shores.

  Hijacked at Sea, has a distinct style of puzzle solving, logic, and using clues from the room to get you through the room.  It is not a linear room, and appeals to groups that like to “divide and conquer,” allowing folks to work on different aspects of the room at the same time.

We hope if you haven’t had a chance to, that you will board our ship and head out into dangerous waters with Hijacked At Sea!

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