Breaking into the Room: Mafia Takedown

Our newest room is here, and people are loving it! We thought it would be great to introduce those of you who are deciding whether or not to give “Mafia Takedown” a shot, a little more insight into this room.

The Basics

Set in a cozy, unassuming, yet realistic restaurant, this room features more tech tricks/ puzzles than any of the games so far at our West Melbourne location. With riddles to ignite your curiosity, tricks to surprise and excite, and a purposeful non-linear gameplay to suit multiple players of both shared or single group bookings, there’s something to suit everyone. The tricks are both mental and hands on, inciting thought and action, as well as moments designed for players to divide and conquer. To top it off we’ve set the shared experience room capacity to a comfortable 6 player max, with the option of raising the number of players to 8 upon request.

The Theme and Story

Brainstorming on what the theme would be started last year. Based on the size/ set up of the room and what we could do with it, the ideas varied between everything from an apartment themed room – to a restaurant murder mystery – to a 1920’s Mafia theme.  The game was no longer a standard, “Achieve one goal and win the game.” We now asked our players to solve multiple steps in order to achieve the room’s goal, all must be correct in order for a win to be accomplished.  Eventually, the theme morphed from 1920’s/1930’s Mobster theme to a 1970’s theme.   This enabled us to create a more authentic room and game experience for our players.

Typically, in planning escape rooms the backstory is the nuts and bolts of a game, in one sense, it’s what everything starts and ends with.  But this room was different for us, instead of the game being written around a backstory, the game was written around ideas and tech.  We later in the process wrote the story that would encompass those aspects of this game.  This story eventually came to being with a mix of fact and fiction, players become elite task force agents assigned to unravel and intercept a planned mafia hit. The targets, whoever they may be, are most likely going to be whacked the old fashioned way, but your assigned focus is towards uncovering their plan. You must identify the participants and targets, and make the time sensitive call to the outside team who is waiting for Intel from you to make arrests before the hit is hatched!

This room was very well researched and we wanted there to be elements that truly brought the world of FBI and Mafia to life for our players.  At this point in mafia history, governing authorities have gained Intel and become wise to certain Mafia activities, but the ever elusive organization continues to slither out of their grips. Paired with FBI special agents, your organized crime task force has worked an ongoing operation to eradicate the Mafia’s underworld activities by taking down the most powerful and dangerous of the five Mafia families, the Gambino crime family. Your assignment begins with a partial revelation from a wire tap planted in their social club. Spoken in code however, only portions of information are able to be deciphered. Your team knows there is an impending hit on other mafia members, and it is most likely on other high ranking family members.  Members whom your operation have been investigating for some time now. The problem is, you don’t know the underlying details of who is actually conspiring against who, or why. Adding to the mix is one of the FBI’s undercover agents, who has infiltrated the organization and will be going ahead of you to drop clues and lead you to hopeful success in time! With one wrong move, your entire operation could be be blown. On the other hand, successfully completing this assignment could begin the undoing of the one of the top criminal organizations in the world! The stakes are high are time is limited as you begin your escape adventure in our Mafia Takedown room! Do you have what it takes to find the answers and make the call to your outside team in time?! One call can change it all!!!

Bringing Mafia Takedown to life

Teamwork inarguably makes the dream work!!!!

It truly came to fruition from everyone doing their part! Countless hours went into the making of this game and it was ‘all hands on deck’ for numerous odds and ends chores. Tami took on room design & decor, as well as  painting and overseeing many of the details throughout the whole process. Tyler is our king of all things tech related and helped with the build out of the room itself, along with Terry. Terry is the ‘keeper of the list’ and keeps the train on the tracks. He is our HGIC (head guy in charge) and makes the final call when tough decisions need to be made. Jess took on writing the tricks for the gameplay, storyline, making of the briefing video, and helping design the poster. Kacy handled all things sales and marketing related, including email blasts, website changes, bringing the poster design to life, and all the administrative to-dos that go on behind the scenes that bring the game to your attention. The group chats, emails, voting on options for everything from tricks, to the game’s name, poster fonts, briefing music and more is all part of the deal as a core member of the game making team and everyone contributed to the finished product.

We have an absolutely amazing staff family as well who helped with painting odds and ends, making items for the game, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning of props/room items *including 3 days of shining silverware with sulfur smelling silver cleaner (say that fast 3 times) which ended up NOT being used in the game, and so much more. Staff at all locations stepped up and took on extra responsibilities to help those of us with bigger roles complete our work. The attention and manpower required to change out a game is all consuming. It is practically the definition of ‘go time’! Pair that with interviews, a handful of new staff, training at all 3 locations and keeping things moving successfully as we said goodbye to long time staff and does anyone else need a little spike to their coffee yet!? The energy that goes into the whole process of revolving escape rooms is indescribable, but so are the bonds formed from true teamwork! We have pulled together and produced another escape room that we’re sure you’re going to love, and we can I wait to welcome you to our newest challenge!