Breaking into the Room: The Experiment

The Experiment is the newest room at our 321 Escape Rooms Location in Palm Shores.   This room was brought to life by rethinking how we could utilize our formerly mobile escape room as a permanent room for our guests.  We originally thought that the “trailer” would be a good fit for an insane asylum transport or prison transport gone wrong.  As we talked about these options, a new idea slowly grew.  Instead of an insane asylum transport – a mad scientist who was using the trailer as a lab to keep patients he was experimenting on. Thus, “The Experiment” was born by head designer Tyler, manager Heather, and co-owner Kacy.

We knew that with this room we wanted to do a room unlike our original rooms at 321 Escape. We love our original rooms, “The Heist,” “Escape In Space,” and “Hijacked At Sea,” but these were first generation Escape Rooms, with little or no technology involved, simple tricks, and family friendly themes.   With “The Experiment,” we wanted to create a room more suited to the adult population, as well as include more technology and tricks for our customers.  We wanted to push the envelope to engage our customers and have an edgier theme to keep them interested.

The Experiment has proved to be a challenging room for our customers, with a non-linear design.  The room incorporates many of Dr. Vilius’s different experiments on his previous human captives for puzzles throughout the game.  We used many tricks that force you out of your comfort zone as you use the aid of Cray – Dr. Vilius’s latest victim – to navigate your way to the end of the game, finding the antidote before you infect the entire human population.

As we approach the Fall Season and Halloween, this game is a must play. This room is part of our current promotion for Oct. 1st – Nov. 14th – play our 3 creepiest rooms for only $70!  This is a great deal and will help you get the frights and scares you want in time for Halloween.   (purchase tickets here).

We hope you will come give “The Experiment” a try, to see if you can escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Vilius.  Check back next week to learn more about our other new room at Escape Room Entertainment – Downtown, “Blood Shed.”