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Stephanie Long Avatar
Stephanie Long
5/06/2021 - Google

We were bored and looking for something fun to do with the kids that wasn't outside in the heat! I heard about escape rooms, made a call and easily had my own time and room scheduled. I even had to change my time like 3 times and they had no problems changing. It was super fun, we love puzzles. Fun way for the whole family to work together and solve a puzzle 🙂 Can't wait for our second trip!

Tim de Taranto Avatar
Tim de Taranto
5/03/2021 - Google

We had a really good time when we visited and the staff were very friendly. Truthfully I have no clue what the story behind our escape room was, even during the briefing the story lost me completely (CSI). In the end however the story and theme behind the room wasn't relevant to the actual task of escaping so it worked out. This really is the only reason it doesn't get full marks as the back story and theme play no real part in solving the puzzles and there was no real drive from us to solve a mystery.

That said, we did enjoy our time there, the puzzles were very straight forward and simple. Our only regret was doing it as a team of two as there simply wasn't enough time to shake down the room properly to find hidden clues in time. (I feel there is probably a golden ratio for the number of people you should have, not too many and not too few.) We'll do better next time!

Frances Boersma Avatar
Frances Boersma
4/27/2021 - Google

Teen birthday party. The staff was very sweet and friendly. The guys had a fun time!

Robert Pike Avatar
Robert Pike
4/25/2021 - Google

Cool place. Very friendly people. Gets kinda hot in the two rooms that are in the back building so keep that in mind when picking appropriate attire.

Alex Bruss Avatar
Alex Bruss
4/02/2021 - Google

Audri was fantastic leading us through the pirate room. Difficult puzzles but lots of fun!

P3731UHabbyb Avatar
5 star rating
3/06/2021 - TripAdvisor

So much fun / Perfect for a rainy day! I've been to 321 Escape Rooms twice, once at the Highway 1 location, and most recently at the Wickham Rd location. Both experiences were great!

The staff are great at explaining everything prior to entering the room. They show you a short video ahead of time that gives a great description of the scenario and the end goal. They demonstrate how to use each lock that you'll encounter. They have a large TV screen in the room with the timer counting down. For a clue all you have to do is shout out "clue." They respond with a clue immediately. We had a blast, will definitely be going back, and will be recommending to friends!

Donna Dines Avatar
Donna Dines
3/04/2021 - Google

It was so much fun! The clues were not too difficult, but still challenging. The people in charge were very helpful and professional.

april smith Avatar
april smith
2/17/2021 - Google

We have now done all the rooms at both locations and I can confidently say they are ALL awesome! Great staff also! The Society and The Undead are probably our favorites but any of them are truly great!! Will not dissapoint.

Jeremy Tudino Avatar
Jeremy Tudino
2/13/2021 - Google

Did Mafia Takedown and was supremely impressed! Great challenge and Fun! Highly recommend this escape game location. Going back again for sure.

John Outland Avatar
John Outland
1/19/2021 - Google

An absolute BLAST! Escape From Story World was family friendly with puzzles that even some of the younger kids could help solve. Lauren did a fantastic job

peyton Wilaon Avatar
peyton Wilaon
1/10/2021 - Google

I had a great time trying to figure it out with my fam, the guide/announcer was pretty helpful when we needed her to be too she would let us scratch our heads for a while but then she gave us some guidance to get into the next step. Overall it was a great experience and would love to do it again.

David Johnston Avatar
David Johnston
1/05/2021 - Google

Holy worth the experience...a grand time was had by all 10 of us doing Xmas Lights Out on E N Haven loc for my son's 9th...Trio was awesome hostess!

Chris Hosmer Avatar
Chris Hosmer
1/03/2021 - Google

We love this place. The staff is really nice and does a great job giving just the right amount of help. The games are really fun and well done. We will definitely watch for new games and be back.

Shawn S Avatar
Shawn S
12/30/2020 - Google

Absolutely loved this place!!! Went as a family. The rooms are very challenging and had lots of fun. Highly recommended!!!

Whitlocke Haddix Avatar
Whitlocke Haddix
12/29/2020 - Google

Absolutely had a blast. Didnt get out of the room but got super close.

Emily Lopez Avatar
Emily Lopez
12/09/2020 - Google

So much fun!! We did shipwrecked, and it was the perfect amount of difficulty. Will definitely go back! I recommended visiting them.

Elizabeth Aguirre Avatar
Elizabeth Aguirre
11/26/2020 - Google

Awesome awesome place!

We did the Christmas black out room today and the staff at the New Haven location did everything possible to make our experience a 10 star experience. We asked them to help make our elf Molly appear in the room for one of the tricks and they made the experience for my 6 year old so perfect that she cried she was so happy. They even went above and beyond and let my parents watch on the cameras to enjoy the moment with us. Anyone that is thinking about booking should book with them!

Gloria Flooze Dempsey Avatar
Gloria Flooze Dempsey
11/24/2020 - Google

This was so much fun and quite challenging my family really enjoyed this!

Sarah Shore Avatar
Sarah Shore
11/08/2020 - Google

Would give more than 5 stars if I could, the best place for an escape! The staff is friendly and informative, the decor is authentic and the room we did was pretty historically accurate. We will be back for sure! It was a great way to spend a Saturday night. We have been to a couple different places, but after finding this gem we won't escape any place else. Highly recommend whether it is your first time or your 100th.

Johnny “Skillet” Avatar
Johnny “Skillet”
11/07/2020 - Google

Had a great family night trying to escape! Staff is friendly and helpful. Great experience here. We will be coming back in the near future.