Escape In Space

Larry Bradshaw


Escape In Space

A fast paced escape room in outer space!
Time Available: 60 Minutes
Complexity Score: Five out of Five
29% Escape Rate
Players: 2 to 10.
Minimum 2 participants. At least 4 particpants suggested.

The year is 3210 and you are part of an elite group of scientists who are traveling on the Exodus, a Prometheus Class Ship.  For the last year you have traveled to and visited many different planets during your time aboard Exodus.  Everything has been routine and on schedule, and your crew eagerly anticipates your return to Earth.

While traveling home, your craft is suddenly struck by a small asteroid shower.  You take a direct hit to your main engines and they are disabled.  The damage does not appear fatal, and your crew begins to prepare to repair the engines. The engineer is about to suit up to exit the craft and begin repairs, when on your sensors you pick up a much larger asteroid headed your way.  The limited power to your engines means that you and the crew are a sitting target. It will be impossible to move the craft out of the path of the large asteroid.

You and your crew now face the challenge of escaping Exodus in plenty of time to be away from the ship before the asteroid strikes.  There is only one hour remaining to successfully reach the escape pods and be far enough away when the asteroid collides with Exodus.  Following the  directions in the emergency manual, your crew must work together to get to the escape pods and out of harm’s way!

What others are saying about Escape In Space…

  • It was super fun. We did the Escape in Space room with a few friends and all of our kids (6mo-9yrs.). The kids had fun and we’re even able to help with some of the clues. The staff were friendly and very helpful. After we escaped we got pizza and drinks in the cafe. The pizza was great. I would highly recommend this place!

    Dane Dernier
  • Group of 4 went and played Escape In Space. Our game host was extremely friendly. The room itself was decorated really well and fit the theme well! The tricks were also extremely engaging and interesting. I would totally recommend this game to my friends and others.

    Gerald O Ramos
  • 321 Escape has some of the best escape rooms in the area! I have done over 10 Escape rooms around the country, and this place has definitely got some of the best themed ones I've been to! The staff is super friendly, and they are very welcoming. They definitely give that personal touch whenever a customer comes to play a game. I have done all 3 of their rooms, and I have to say the Heist is probably my favorite as far as the theme. You really feel like you are in the wild west! Escape in Space has quite the challenge and really works your observational skills and critical thinking. Hiajacked at Sea was the only one me and my group had successfully escaped. All of the clues very much match the theme of each game. The owners take a lot of pride in the rooms. They are unique rooms that you wouldn't find anywhere else! If you are looking for a fun time for the family, a great venue for a birthday, or a thrilling time for a group of friends, then this place is definitely a great recommendation!

    Taylor Ann
  • We visited for the second time and plan to return soon. The crew is excellent, very welcoming, approachable, and professional. So far we've only done the "Escape in Space" room (returned to conquer it) and had a great experience joining another group. The room is creative, well designed, and outfitted, and although it's a hard one, the hints were always cleverly themed and helpful; and the decor really puts you in the spirit of being lost in space. We very much enjoyed our experience and look forward to trying another room soon.

    Brian Turner
  • I have done 2 rooms at 321 Escape; Hijacked at Sea and Escape in Space. The rooms are very well decorated and the puzzles are very challenging. I would definitely recommend this place. They staff is amazing. I can't wait to go back to try to escape space again as well as the heist!!

    Tabatha Garrett

Palm Shore Hours

Sunday 12 PM – 6:30 PM
Monday 3 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday Closed - Private Events Only
Wednesday Closed - Private Events Only
Thursday 3 PM – 8 PM
Friday 3 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 12 PM – 9:30 PM


Fill out your waiver online and save yourself some time!

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN A WAIVER.   Please make sure that you sign the waiver before you participate in our escape rooms. If you do not do the waiver beforehand, you will be asked to sign it once you arrive at the escape rooms.  Please note: refusal to sign the waiver, will result in non-admittance without a refund to the game.

ALL MINORS under the age of 18 need a waiver signed by their parents. Please make sure if you are bringing someone else’s child with you that their parents sign the waiver prior to your escape room booking!

Escape Room Location

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Palm Shores

5270 N US HWY 1
Palm Shores Florida 32940
Phone: (321) 241-4575

Pricing & Booking

$29 per participant. We offer a 15% discount for military & First Responders and a 10% Senior discount.

We highly recommend that you book your spots in advance.  However, we do accept walk-in appointments based on availability of both rooms and staff.  Our staffing needs are planned by advanced bookings, so we cannot guarantee walk-ups if we do not have proper staffing.

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. We will try our hardest to accommodate a change in date, time, etc, but cannot issue a refund for missed or canceled bookings!



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about an escape experience with 321 Escape Rooms!
PLEASE NOTE: our staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who appears to be under the influence of heavy alcohol consumption or drugs for the safety of all players.