Escape Rooms

Downtown Melbourne

Escape Rooms are live, interactive adventures, in which you and a group compete against the clock to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues! You and your team work together in your themed room, to see if you can gain the objective or escape the room in your allotted 60 minute game time! It is brains over muscle, social over solitary, and fun over boredom!

Do YOU have what it takes to escape in time?

We are offering FOUR live interactive escape rooms that immerse you in your experience at this location, 604 E New Have Ave, Melbourne, Florida 32901.

Check out the descriptions below to see which escape room you and your group will see if you can escape in time!

Downtown Melbourne Hours

Sunday 12 PM – 6:30 PM
Monday 3 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday Closed - Private Events Only
Wednesday 3 PM – 8 PM
Thursday Closed - Private Events Only
Friday 3 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 12 PM – 9:30 PM

604 E New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: (321) 914-4524

Downtown Melbourne

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See what everyone is saying...

Robert Pike Avatar
Robert Pike
4/25/2021 - Google

Cool place. Very friendly people. Gets kinda hot in the two rooms that are in the back building so keep that in mind when picking appropriate attire.

Donna Dines Avatar
Donna Dines
3/04/2021 - Google

It was so much fun! The clues were not too difficult, but still challenging. The people in charge were very helpful and professional.

John Outland Avatar
John Outland
1/19/2021 - Google

An absolute BLAST! Escape From Story World was family friendly with puzzles that even some of the younger kids could help solve. Lauren did a fantastic job

peyton Wilaon Avatar
peyton Wilaon
1/10/2021 - Google

I had a great time trying to figure it out with my fam, the guide/announcer was pretty helpful when we needed her to be too she would let us scratch our heads for a while but then she gave us some guidance to get into the next step. Overall it was a great experience and would love to do it again.

David Johnston Avatar
David Johnston
1/05/2021 - Google

Holy worth the experience...a grand time was had by all 10 of us doing Xmas Lights Out on E N Haven loc for my son's 9th...Trio was awesome hostess!

Chris Hosmer Avatar
Chris Hosmer
1/03/2021 - Google

We love this place. The staff is really nice and does a great job giving just the right amount of help. The games are really fun and well done. We will definitely watch for new games and be back.

Elizabeth Aguirre Avatar
Elizabeth Aguirre
11/26/2020 - Google

Awesome awesome place!

We did the Christmas black out room today and the staff at the New Haven location did everything possible to make our experience a 10 star experience. We asked them to help make our elf Molly appear in the room for one of the tricks and they made the experience for my 6 year old so perfect that she cried she was so happy. They even went above and beyond and let my parents watch on the cameras to enjoy the moment with us. Anyone that is thinking about booking should book with them!

Gloria Flooze Dempsey Avatar
Gloria Flooze Dempsey
11/24/2020 - Google

This was so much fun and quite challenging my family really enjoyed this!

Aurora Reviews Avatar
Aurora Reviews
10/21/2020 - Google

Wonderful experience for me and our friend. Our guide Lauren did a wonderful job and was very sweet. Will be back.

Garrett Turner Avatar
Garrett Turner
10/21/2020 - Google

Wonderful experience for me and our friend. Our guide Lauren did a wonderful job and was very sweet. Will be back.

Brian Blankenship Avatar
Brian Blankenship
10/21/2020 - Google

The society was a very fun escape room experience with how it tests your knowledge on certain things, our game master Lauren was very thorough in explaining the rules, the rooms are super clean and sanitized after each use, overall this is one of the better escape rooms I've been to.

Michael Williams Avatar
Michael Williams
10/05/2020 - Google

I can't wait till the next challenge. First time experience and was fantastic

Bobby D Avatar
Bobby D
9/20/2020 - Google

What FUN place. We really enjoy the challenge.

Tayla Walker Avatar
Tayla Walker
8/20/2020 - Google

I can't wait to go back here! It was really fun and challenging

Mat Peterson Avatar
Mat Peterson
8/01/2020 - Google

Great experience for the whole family. Very polite and friendly staff.

Charla Boney Avatar
Charla Boney
7/26/2020 - Google

Alot of fun... We escaped... But with alot of help definitely want to look up how hard the room is that you select because we just wanted a scary room and ended up choosing the hardest room. But we had a blast have definitely found something that the whole family can do together 😊

Dina Woods Avatar
Dina Woods
3/17/2020 - Google

We are truly escape room junkies who love every aspect of the experience and the rooms. Our group planned a road trip to Melbourne to tackle 5 rooms this day. Next we stopped at Escape Room Entertainment in Downtown Melbourne we did the Christmas Blackout.I was not as impressed with the Christmas room, but it could be like the room had so much stuff in it that it felt that everything and nothing could possibly be a clue. I ended up standing in the room a few times saying…I don’t like this. But we did it and escaped. I would come back to do the other rooms here.

Candy Cottle Avatar
Candy Cottle
8/11/2019 - Google

We did the society escape room and had lots of fun! Challenging but fun! And we escaped!! Super fun time!

Lilly Pad Avatar
Lilly Pad
6/12/2018 - Google

This place was so much fun! It was our first time in an escape room. It was more than we expected. It was challenging and we'll setup. Maddie (employee at front desk) was amazing and very helpful! We will be back with more people for sure! Thanks for a great time!