Grand Opening: Mafia Takedown

Join us at our West Melbourne location this weekend for our newest room!

“You are among the elite in an organized crime task force unit. You and your team have been working with FBI special agents on bringing down the most powerful and dangerous crime families in the Italian Mafia. You’ve just gained Intel that there is a probable hit planned on high ranking family members…and it is most likely coming from within the family. In an unsuspecting restaurant, a dangerous meeting approaches, and time is ticking on your operation. With the help of an undercover agent, your team must slip into the restaurant, decipher who the participants and planned targets are, and make the call to your backup team before their plan is hatched. If you are successful, your team will secure the arrests needed to seal indictments on this dangerous criminal organization for good! Do you have what it takes? One call can change it all!”

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