How to Support Small Business

We are living in a time unlike any we have ever seen before.  Life is slowing down and scaling back for many folks.  But that also means that business and consumers are slowing down – especially for small businesses.

While small businesses continue to have rent, utilities, and various bills to pay, they no longer have the consumers and customers flocking to their stores and venues for activities.  The world around these small businesses has come to an unexpected halt – with no indication of when that world will begin moving again.

Here are a few ways that you can find a way to help support local businesses, during this time.

Technology has given us unprecedented access to working from home and consuming even in a time where we have been asked to stay home.  This means that even if you are unable to visit the businesses you know and love – you often have the opportunity to support them by purchasing online.   Whether you purchase a delivery item, take out item, or even a gift card or voucher for future use – you have an online, contactless way to support these businesses.

Another simple way, to support businesses is, if you choose to order take out or delivery – be sure to leave a generous tip.  The workers are living off a tips and when the dining rooms are closed, these are severely limited and take-out and delivery orders are their only source of tips.  Be thoughtful of this and leave a larger tip than you might normally leave.

Continue paying gym memberships or for other hobbies as a way to help local businesses and studios.  Many places are now increasing the offerings they have online!  Fitness centers, art studios, music teachers, etc. are offering classes in a virtual capacity.  Maybe try a new hobby, join a new club, and help support these businesses!

If you are not financially able to lend your support to small businesses right now – consider leaving positive reviews for all of your favorite places!  Word of mouth and online reviews can help businesses build their reputation!  During this time at home, take a few minutes each day to review various businesses you love online!