Meet The Team: Co-Owner, Tyler O’Grady

Meet one of the owners of 321 Escape Rooms!

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Tyler in real life – you will know what a challenge it is to get him to be serious about anything.  So writing this blog about him is quite an undertaking. Most of the questions I asked, got frivolous and often inappropriate answers.

Tyler is a 29 year old, Florida native, born and raised in the Tampa Bay area.  He is the youngest of four siblings, and has always leveraged this fact to his advantage. Tyler’s life path has not always been the easiest to travel, but with the help and support of his family, Tyler has prevailed.

While Tyler was still trying overcome some of the difficult things he was working through, Tyler discovered Escape Rooms.  He started going with his friends, and soon completed all escape rooms in the local area he was living in.  He started talking about how fun escape rooms were, and that he would like to own an escape room one day.  Sometime later, while on a family trip – Tyler convinced the family to do an Escape Room together.  This fun night of arguing…er…I mean bonding, led to an interest in escape rooms by multiple family members.

Eventually, with the right timing Tyler convinced his dad, Terry,  step-mom, Tami, and sister, Kacy to help open an escape room and 321 Escape Rooms was born.   Tyler has since relocated from the Tampa Bay area to the Melbourne area, to dedicate his time to the Escape Rooms.

So what is it about escape rooms that Tyler loves?   Tyler loves the joy the rooms bring to our customers.  When a person is struggling for answers or cannot find the solution, and then suddenly it clicks and the light turns on – it brings them joy. Tyler loves that the rooms he helped designed have been able to bring that kind of joy and happiness to someone.

321 Escape Rooms, hopes to continue to challenge our customers by creating new and exciting rooms.  What kind of room would Tyler design if copyright and budgets didn’t exist?  The most epic Harry Potter Room you could imagine.  The magical world is something Tyler loves, and he says if he could be any fictional character – he would be Harry Potter, of course.

When Tyler is not at 321 Escape Rooms where he designs rooms, plays Merlin, does handyman work, or acts as a Game Master – what does he do?  Tyler enjoys spending time at Universal Studios with friends or family, going to CrossFit, and boating. Tyler has multiple nieces and nephews that he enjoys spending time with when he is able to.  Tyler would also like to spend time traveling in the future, and at the top of that list would be a trip to Amsterdam.

Tyler borrows the slogan of Nike, “Just Do It,” because just as with this venture, you can make your dreams happen if you are just willing to go out there and do it.  So if you are looking to do an escape room – Tyler advises you to get out there and try one!  And his advice when you do an escape room, “Don’t over think the puzzles.”

 We hope you enjoyed meeting one of our owners, Tyler, in more detail.  Come back by to learn about our other owners, and team members in the coming weeks!