Meet the Team: Adrimel Marlasca

Another installation of Meet the Team coming at you!  Today we are bringing you, Adrimel Marlasca, our assistant manager at the Escape Room Entertainment – West Melbourne location.

Adrimel is a Melbourne High School and Easter Florida State College graduate, but her studies are not over as she will be attending UCF this Fall and majoring in Entertainment Management.  With two older brothers and an older sister, Adri is the baby of her family.

In 2015, Adri heard about the opening of the Wickham Road Escape Room Entertainment location, and loved the idea.  It took her months of persuading to get a group of friends together to play a room, but she prevailed and was instantly hooked.  She has now done over 25 rooms!

Adri loves working in escape rooms because she loved being able to entertain guests.  She loves seeing them come together to work to gather and the smiles on their faces at the end!  She loves the customer relationships and knowing that they leave wanting more and can’t wait to come back.

Adri thinks building a Matrix theme room would be awesome.  She already has a planned ending – you choose to leave through a Red or a Blue door.  One continues the game and one ends it right there, BUT the customer never knows which one is which, leading to a different ending for each group!

Adri loves all the games we offer at our three locations, but she does have her favorites. At West Melbourne she goes with CSI: Case Reopened; Downtown her pick is The Society, and at 321 Escape Rooms she goes with Hijacked At Sea.

Adri loves theatre and participates in shows at the Henegar Center. She also enjoys playing guitar, hanging out with friends and visiting Universal Studios with her co-workers on their days off!

As for fictional characters, despite her love for Universal, Adri goes for a Disney Princess – Moana.  She is inspired by Moana’s bravery and conviction.  She hopes to emulate this confidence and strength in her own life each day.  And of course – Adri loves Moana’s pet, Heyhey, because who doesn’t want a pet chicken!

Along with her inspiration from Moana, Adri is inspired to live by the quote “Live and Let Live.”  She has held this motto close to her heart for the last few years.  It reminds her to live life to the fuller and not worry about the past or future.  To live in the present moment and make the most of everything!

Adri has some great tips for beginners in Escape Rooms.  One suggestion is to use your clues in 15 minute intervals if you haven’t unlocked anything in that time frame.  This is an efficient way to use your clues endnote waste them all in one go.  Also, talk to the game master or call the location beforehand to ask about room difficulty, starting in the easier rooms and working up in difficulty is always wise. This can help prevent your first experience from ending in frustration!

Adri’s dream trip would be to Spain.  She would love to visit her family that lives there and see all of the architecture and learn more about the country and it’s history.  Of course – if she is going to bring back anything – she would bring back some of the yummy Spanish cuisine to keep at home for whenever she needs a memory of the beautiful country.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our assistant manager, Adrimel, from our Escape Room Entertainment -West Melbourne location. She is a hard worker, fun, and dedicated to our customers. We are thankful for what she brings to our escape rooms.