Meet The Team: Assistant Manager Alyssa Caskey

Our Meet the Team Series continues with our assistant managers!  First up from our 321 Escape Rooms location, Alyssa Caskey.   Alyssa has been at our 321 location from very early in the beginning, as she was one of our very first hires as an employee.  Alyssa started with us as a 16 year old junior in high school – and now is weeks away from graduating and becoming legally an adult!

Alyssa was introduced to escape rooms by doing them many times in the Orlando area with her family.  She enjoyed them so much – she thought it would make a fun job.  This is because she really likes seeing everyone come together – get a long and work together as a group.  She also enjoys her work at 321 Escape Rooms, because she feels like she is treated more like family than just employee.  For room ideas, Alyssa likes the idea of a murder mystery room – and now one of our locations has it with “Mafia Takedown.”  Her favorite room at all 3 locations is probably StoryWorld.

When Alyssa is not in the escape rooms working, she enjoys swimming competitively and doing photography. As for a fictional character, Alyssa would choose Goofy because she feels she is just like him and very outgoing.  Which is why she would choose the slogan for her life of “Just be happy,” because she always tries to be surrounded by positivity.  If she could change her name she’d pick Rosie – we think this is a fitting name because of her positive and “rosie” personality!

Her dream vacation would be to Hawaii’s beaches and she’d bring home chocolate!

Her advice to anyone who has not done an escape room is to just come to one of our locations and try a room!  Once most people do their first room – you will realize how fun it is and want to try more!

We’ve enjoyed having Alyssa on our staff for so long and are excited for her in her role as assistant manager! We hope enjoyed meeting Alyssa and will be back to learn about our other assistant managers at our other locations!