Meet the Team: Assistant Manager Maddy Portwood

Welcome to Meet the Team!  We hope you look forward to meeting, Maddy Portwood, assistant manager at our Escape Room Entertainment – Downtown location!

Maddy is a Melbourne Local who attended Melbourne High School, where she graduated from a couple of years ago.  She first played an escape room with friends a few years ago and decided she liked them.  Working in escape rooms has made her appreciate how all different people from all different walks of life can come in and enjoy themselves.  She would love to see one of our locations develop a Jungle Adventure or Dinosaur room, but even without this room – she does love some of the existing rooms.  When asked her favorites, Maddy says that The Undead at West Melbourne, Christmas Treason at Downtown, and Hijacked At Sea at 321 Escape Rooms are her favorite rooms to play.

As for outside of the escape rooms – Maddy loves to bowl, watch movies, and have game nights.  She particularly likes the movie Brave, as she would like to be Merida.   Maddy thinks Merida is pretty, wild, and cool. Maddy’s motto in life is one Merida would appreciate – Always have fun, even if you’re not having fun.  Maddy believes its important to try to make the best of a situation and turn it into fun. This makes Maddy a great co-worker to work alongside.

Maddy’s advice to escape room newbies would be to not overthink the process and to act like you are in a movie saving the day. This keeps the room fun and exciting for your group.

Last, Maddy would like to travel to Michigan, because she loves to cheer “Go Blue!”  She’d be sure to stock up on Mackinac Island Fudge as her souvenir to bring home.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Maddy. She has been with our escape rooms since before the merge last June.  She is a fun employee who is very dedicated to what she does and loves to interact with our clients.

We hope to see you back next week for Breaking Into the Room!