Meet The Team: Co-Owner Kacy Oleson

Meet the team: Co-owner Kacy Oleson

If you have been reading our blog and following along with meeting our team – you have noticed a trend. Family.  And I am no exception to it.  My name is Kacy Oleson and I am the daughter of Terry O’Grady and sister to Tyler O’Grady two of our 4 co-owners.  You will get to meet my step-mom, Tami, in a future blog post rounding out the introduction of our owners.

I am a 34 year old Brandon, Fl native, where I still reside with my husband of 11 years Matt, and our 4 kids.  I run a lot of our behind the scenes operations, as I do not live locally and am unable to run our escape rooms day-to-day operations.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Florida and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching from the University of South Florida.   Which, I’m not currently using, but the background of that education has opened so many opportunities to me.

As mentioned by Terry and Tyler, my first foray into the world of escape rooms was family related.  We all went to play a game together and I was intrigued. The more rooms I did, the more I realized how fun it would be to designs rooms and watch customers go through the rooms.  The creativity and intricacy of escape rooms is what I love about working in Escape Rooms. It has given me a place to funnel my creativity into.

I have quite a few ideas of rooms I would like to see developed in the coming years.  I would love to develop some rooms themed around time periods and historical events. My inner Potter-head would LOVE to see a Harry Potter room implemented at one of our locations, but out of respect to copyright law, and knowing that to do any justice to the theme, we would need a huge budget, I don’t know that this is in our future plans.  We are implementing a new room right now at our West Melbourne location, and once that is complete our team will have a sit down discussion to come up with a game plan on rooms for the next 18 months.

Since I’m not local – I’ve only played a few rooms at our two Escape Room Entertainment Locations, but look forward to doing more.  I loved Storyworld and Sweet Shoppe when I did them, especially since I had my kids with me. They were great family rooms.  At 321 Escape Rooms – I’m probably biased, but I do love Hijacked At Sea! I enjoyed the challenge of creating that room and the puzzles in it. I know all 3 rooms intimately and know that they all bring strong elements to the table.

Outside of escape rooms – I am a Wife and Mama, part of a Bible Study, participate in CrossFit, read lots of books, and spend a lot of time at Universal Orlando. Those pretty much fill up the rest of my time.

If I could be any fictional character, I would be Professor McGonagall.  She is fierce, strong, strict, witty, protective, and underneath it all a softy. These are all things I hope will be said of me one day.

As far as slogans go – #nerdyandIknowit is pretty much how I describe myself.  I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and totally okay with that.

If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, you are missing out!  They are a GREAT way to spend time with friends and family, and for everyone to be present.  My advice is to put it on the calendar and go.  Once you are there, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to perform.  Look EVERYWHERE for ANY little thing, and try to be kind to those in the room with you. (Don’t take things out of people’s hands without asking – sorry Erin!)

I really do love to travel, and have recently enjoyed a number of great trips.  London remains in my top destinations even though I’ve been before.   I think a trip back to Ireland or a trip to Norway or Italy are at the top of my list.   I’ve decided that from now on we will start collecting Christmas Tree ornaments from places we go, so that we have a neat story behind those ornaments!

I bring a lot of random skills to the table at 321 Escape Rooms and Escape Room Entertainment! I do my best to support our wonderful owners and staff in whatever ways I can, while brainstorming new and creative ideas for our rooms and business.

We hope you enjoyed meeting me, co-owner, Kacy Oleson!  We look forward to you coming back soon to learn more about our other owners, managers, and staff!