Meet The Team: Co-Owner, Terry O’Grady

If you read our blog last week, you were introduced to one of our co-owners, Tyler O’Grady.  Who just so happens to be the son of another co-owner, Terry O’Grady.  If you’ve ever heard “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,”  you will hopefully understand why this blog is on the less serious side of things.

Terry is a very young 62 year old, born in Dover, DE, but lived all over the U.S. as the son of an Air Force Pilot.  Terry wants to make sure everyone knows that he is a “very Irish O’Grady”, and can trace his roots back to Ireland in 3 quick generations.

Family has always been important to Terry.  He lost his father in Vietnam, when he was only 10 years old.  Growing up with his mom and 6 siblings, made an impact on how Terry came to see family.  Family is the reason that we see Terry in the Escape Room business today. Making the dreams of his son, wife, and daughter come true, is what has motivated him into taking on this project.

He has done many escape rooms with his family, although he sometimes acts like he is over them and that he doesn’t want to go, he usually enjoys spending time doing them with his family.

When opening the family’s first location at 321 Escape Rooms, Terry says that he loved seeing customers in the rooms being surprised when a trick worked and getting exciting as they worked the puzzles out.  He loves what their family has been able to do at 321 Escape Rooms and adding Escape Room Entertainment, keeping most projects in house and making all three locations part of a true “Mom and Pop” shop.

When asked about what rooms he would want to choose to design next – Terry says there are a lot of ideas brewing. He doesn’t want to give away any of the family secrets, but is excited for many of the upcoming projects already slated to take place.

Terry says that he wouldn’t want to be a fictional character or change his name, because he likes his name, heritage, and who he is.

Terry’s advice for anyone who hasn’t done an escape room is to just do it!  When his family first suggested the idea – he hated the idea and the price.  But after being forced to do one (and despite that fact he pretended to hate it to keep up his “image”), he’s now happy to own and operate something that brings enjoyment to so many people.

When asked where he’d like to travel, Terry said he’d like to go to Outer Space.  His main reason?  To collect asteroid rocks for their diamonds and metals – plus the bonus is he wouldn’t have to actually buy them, since there are no souvenir shops.

Needless to say, Terry is fun to be around and brings a ton of hard work and lightheartedness to the escape rooms at both 321 Escape Rooms and Escape Room Entertainment.  He keeps the staff laughing and does a ton of the behind the scene set design.

We hope you enjoyed meeting co-owner, Terry O’Grady!  We look forward to you coming back soon to learn more about our other owners, managers, and staff!