Meet The Team: Manager Heather Culp

Heather is our Escape Room Entertainment – Downtown location’s manager.  Heather has been with the 321 Escape Rooms – through two ownership changes.  Heather started with Elite Entertainment, and has been managing the Downtown location since July of 2017.  She stayed on board with Escape Room Entertainment’s purchase of Elite, and then again when 321 Escape Rooms purchased both Escape Room Entertainment location.

Heather is a 27 year old, mom of 1, with an Associate’s Degree from USF.   Her first foray into Escape Rooms, was a little on the sketchy side.  While visiting New York with some friends 4 years ago, she purchased a groupon to try an Escape Room.  The room was located in a questionable area of town, down an alley, and upstairs.   Heather felt the need to let her mom know that she paid someone to lock her in a room for an hour, and if she didn’t hear back from her, to call the police.  Despite this rocky start, Heather fell in love with escape rooms and was hooked.  Upon returning home, she played her first local games Escape Room entertainment.

Heather then became the happy mom to her daughter, Kota, and enjoyed the ability to stay home.  When she did start looking for a position, she wanted something part-time that would enable her to keep Kota out of daycare. She landed a position with Elite escape room and the rest is history.

Heather most loves the customers.  She says she enjoys that she almost exclusively works with people that are happy to see her – every time they see her. Her love of playing escape rooms means that she enjoys the chance to be around a lot of people who enjoy escape rooms and can dissect rooms and puzzles.

The room Heather would design, would be based on the Dwight Schrute fire drill scene from the Office.  And since budget isn’t a problem? She’d keep John Krasinski on retainer to do his signature – smirk at the camera, while she runs the game.

Heather has played all of the games at all locations.  She loves The Undead at West Melbourne because of it’s unique concept and both the Society at Downtown and Escape in Space at 321 Escape Rooms for their math and logic .

Heather really does consider Escape Rooms her hobby outside of work, but short of that enjoys taking her daughter, Kota, on adventures, snuggling her puppy Beas, playing board games, going to trivia nights, and watching The Office on repeat.

Heather would love to be the character Katsa from Graceling because she’s a strong character.  Strong characters make good role model, which is what Heather’s goal is to be for her daughter.  One way she tries to do this is by living out the slogan, “Dreams don’t work unless you do. You have to go get what you want, not just wish for it.”

Her one tip for someone new to Escape Rooms would be this:  “Try to figure out what you’re looking and it is a lot more likely you’ll find it.”

Last of all, Heather would like to travel to Australia.  As she has previously sky dived, she believes she’d only do it again somewhere cool, and thinks Australia would be that place.  “The whole country seems like an adventure,” Heather says. And of course, she’d want to bring home a baby Koala.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting Heather, she is a hard worker and a huge asset to the 321 Escape Rooms and Escape Room Entertainment team.  We look forward to you coming back to meet the rest of our team in future weeks!