So Many Options

One of the unique parts of our 321 Escape Rooms and Escape Room Entertainment partnership – is just how much we have to offer our customers!  With 3 locations and a total of 12 rooms, we offer themes and options that every one can enjoy.  This means we have family friendly rooms and rooms that are not for the faint of heart.

While we do have some age restrictions (i.e. if you are booking a room with a child aged 5 or under you must pay to book privately, as well as we require at least 1 adult in the room with kids), we offer experiences to all age groups that are fun and exciting.  These rooms allow us to have some tricks up our sleeves – with hidden places for birthday gifts, assisting in proposals, and many other options to make our experiences unique for our customers!

A quick synopsis of all of our rooms at each location, as we changed and updated rooms in 2019.

At 321 Escape Rooms, we offer a total of 4 experiences.  3 games take place indoors, while one is takes place in a permanently parked trailer on our property.  We offer an old time western theme with “The Heist,”  where you are trying to break IN to the vault instead of out of the room.  We also offer a cruise gone wrong in, “Hijacked At Sea!” “Escape In Space” offers the need to escape your disabled Space Craft and get your team to safety.   Our last and newest room at this location is “The Experiment,” taking place in a trailer, where a mad scientist has locked you up in order to experiment on you and your friends.

At Escape Room Entertainment – West Melbourne, our newest addition is “Mafia Takedown,” a harrowing “Who Dunit,” where you are trying to outsmart the Mob.  We also offer “The Undead,” where you attempt to thwart a Zombie Invasion.  Or if you are more in the mood to escape a pirate captain, we offer “Shipwrecked.”  Last of all we offer, a twist on an old game, “CSI: Case Reopened.” Put on your thinking cap, re-examine what you thought you knew and see if you can solve this homicide case.

Our last location is Escape Room Entertainment – Downtown.  This very unique location offers 4 more exciting rooms.  “Christmas Blackout,” is a fun room that books year round.  Friends and family love escaping to Christmas Time and trying to help restore Power to the North Pole.  “Escape from Storyworld,” is a whimsical room that offer challenges based on everyone’s favorite fairy tales!  “The Society” offers the chance to take down an elite secret society and expose their crimes to the world.   Last of all we offer “Blood Shed,” you’ve been kidnapped and are desperate to escape the clutches of a deranged serial killer.

We hope that you will take time to learn more about each one of our rooms and try a new one soon!